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Educacion para Todos
Avenida el Cenizal 0-58, Zona 5
Quetzaltenango, Guatemala
Tel (502) 5935-3815

The school is located only 10 minutes from Central Park

Special Programs

Spanish School GuatemalaIn addition to our curriculum, which is the general curriculum for the school, we offer specific curriculum plans for groups of people or individuals with more specific interests and needs


This is a plan created specifically for professionals in the areas of Social Science and Medicine, who desire to study the Spanish language in order to incorporate Spanish into their practice or profession. The present curriculum contains three important components:

a) Grammar, vocabulary, and exercises that are adapted to each individual, which come from the Social Sciences and Medicine.

b) The student will work with a Spanish teacher, who is also a University professional with knowledge in the field of Medicine or Social Science.

c) The student will be able to do volunteer work related to a branch of the Social Sciences or in a medical clinic.


Spanish School GuatemalaThe Spanish Language School “Educación Para Todos” has the ability and experience to work with small or large groups. Within this plan, we have the capacity to organize activities to satisfy the specific interests or needs of each group, for example: travel information, conferences, cultural activities, politics, social issues, and sports. In addition, there may also be a group discount, depending on the number of students that come and the length of their study. This plan also works with the method one on one.


The school has the experience, the teachers, and the necessary materials to teach Spanish to children as young as four years of age. We have the capacity to place entire families in home stay with our Guatemalan families. Furthermore, we can plan schedules, which accommodate parents being able to study without having to leave their children behind.