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Educacion para Todos
Avenida el Cenizal 0-58, Zona 5
Quetzaltenango, Guatemala
Tel (502) 5935-3815

The school is located only 10 minutes from Central Park

Volunteering Testimonials at EPT


The weeks spent in the clinic were excellent for my Spanish. I worked with Angela (la comadrona) and Magda (la doctora), and Nícola (la enfermera).

They were so patient from the very beginning and made an effort each day to include me in their work and conversations. I was able to learn names of common medications in Spanish and commonly used equipment in the clinic, office and kitchen. The most memorable experience during my time there was when I helped Angela as she delivered a beautiful baby girl in the clinic. Being able to be immersed in the city and in the lives of the patients I met was by far the most valuable experience.

Everyone I met was so kind, patient and interested in hearing about the program that allowed me to be there.

A birth, patient exams, shopping in the market, organizing the medications talking with patients, making cotton balls :), filling prescriptions, observing patient, teaching, helping with accounts receivable in the computer (medications), counting meds, observing and examination (prenatal) and hearing a babies heart beat Doppler.

Renee Lynn Bishop


PROJECT PEILE: a project for women and kids who have been subjected to domestic abuse and/or poverty.
I worked as a teacher on the project, working with the kids (aged roughly between 7 and 13), teaching English and Geography. Every day there is a new age group of kids, as they only come in for 2 hours, once a week. The project is well-equipped, with books, pens (although sometimes the kids need to borrow pencils), a whiteboard and pens for it. Some age groups can be more challenging than others, but all of the kids are great to work with, are affectionate and generally - want to learn. Not all of the kids have been subjected to violence, but come to the classroom from the community, simply to learn some more. However, a few of them do have a lot of social problems. It is a fantastic project, which is really having an impact on the community. The local workers who run the projects and organise the place, are genuinely wonderful and helpful people. I strongly recommend this challenging, but worthwhile project.